Boris Johnson Calls New ‘Partygate’ Claims “Unacceptable”


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday called the recent allegations regarding his conduct at a party held by a Conservative Party member “unacceptable,” urging all party members and staff to “observe the highest standards of behaviour at all times.”

The remarks came in response to a report in The Sunday Times which alleged that Johnson had attended a party thrown by his close adviser Dominic Cummings and had become verbally aggressive with a woman after she asked him to leave.

The Prime Minister said: “I think it’s important that everybody should observe the highest standards of behaviour, that’s what I expect of myself and I expect it of everyone who works with me.

“I think what has been reported in The Sunday Times is completely unacceptable and it’s not what I expect of anyone working in my team.”

The allegations against Johnson are the latest in a string of recent scandals involving members of the British government, raising further questions around the Prime Minister’s conduct and his ability to lead the country.