Foreign students’ ability to bring family members to the UK would be restricted, according to the Rishi Sunak government


The UK government has announced a new set of restrictions on foreign students who wish to bring family members with them when studying in the UK. The measures, which will come into effect on 1 December 2021, aim to limit the cost for visa holders and to reduce the amount of secondary migration into the UK.

Under the new rules, the International student sponsorship category of the UK Immigration Rules will be amended. This will prevent family members from making dependant visa applications using a Tier 4 student visa.

It is expected that international students will still be able to bring certain family members to the UK as long as they meet the criteria under other suitable visa routes. However, family members will not be able to join their student relative in the UK until the student has fulfilled certain conditions of their course, such as completion of the first year of study or achieving a specific grade.

The new rules are part of the Home Office’s efforts to control immigration to the UK, which have been criticised by experts, who see the move as a step towards creating a hostile environment for international students.