Sony claims that the streaming fight is benefiting independent players


Sony’s foray into independent streaming players is paying off as it competes with big-name streamers like Netflix, Hulu and Apple. According to its latest financial report, the company reported 5.5 million paying subscribers for its PlayStation Vue streaming service, up 32% from the 4.2 million reported in 2019.

The growth of PlayStation Vue is particularly impressive given that it is available on PlayStation consoles only, much fewer than other streaming services that are offered on multiple platforms. This relatively small, exclusive user base makes Sony’s success even more impressive, and suggests that the independent player status has worked in its favour.

Sony also reported a strong showing for its other streaming services such as the Funimation anime and Crackle ad-supported video-on-demand (AVOD) services, both of which had double-digit growth in subscriber counts since the beginning of 2020.

The company attributes its growth in part to the focus on content, especially animated titles, as well as the focus on niche programming and genres that appeal to passionate audiences who are willing to pay for a premium product. This strategy of focusing on niche audiences has allowed Sony to carve out a unique streaming space and has helped the company garner loyalty from its consumers.