The chatbot Microsoft is developing for India suggests a larger community focus


Microsoft has a strong presence in India, and they are now turning to local teams in the country to design and build custom AI chatbot tools and applications for consumers and enterprises. Microsoft is working with local teams in India to build chatbot applications that are tailored to the needs of customers in India. These chatbots are powered by deep learning models and stored in the cloud, allowing users to access them anytime and anywhere. The chatbots leverage natural language processing and deep learning to interpret customer requests and inquiries in real time. Microsoft’s goal is to use AI chatbots to improve customer experiences in India, by assisting customers in finding the right product or service quickly and efficiently. In addition, Microsoft is leveraging AI to help businesses drive digital transformation within India, by providing them insights powered by data analytics. This focus on leveraging AI to create value for Indian businesses on the local level demonstrates Microsoft’s commitment to building an inspiring future in India for the local community.