When PM Modi visits Australia, a new Indian consulate will open in Brisbane


Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on the concluding day of his state visit to Australia, announced that India would be opening a new consulate in Brisbane.

The consulate will be the fourth such Indian diplomatic establishment in Australia, joining those in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

Modi, who was on a two-day visit to Australia, was speaking at a community reception in Sydney.

He said the Indian diaspora in Australia has become an “important link” between the two countries.

He also thanked the members of the Indian diaspora for contributing to the strong ties between India and Australia.

“People of Indian origin have made immense contributions to the progress of Australia,” he said.

The Indian diaspora is a “living bridge” between the two countries, he said.

He said India-Australia ties had “been progressing at a good speed” in recent years across multiple sectors, including trade, investment, education, and science and technology.

The announcement of the new consulate comes at a time when there is growing trade and security cooperation between India and Australia.