Imran Khan Petitions Supreme Court Over “Undeclared Martial Law” In Pak


Imran Khan has filed a petition with Pakistans Supreme Court, challenging what he has termed as anundeclared martial law in the country. Khan, who is the opposition leader in the National Assembly, said he is seekingproper constitutional implementation for the people of Pakistan. He cited the increasing number of military operations across the country, as well as the use of paramilitary forces to control political dissent in recent weeks, as evidence for his claim. The petition further claims that the countrys constitution has beensubverted in recent months. Khans petition comes following a number of controversial moves by Prime Minister Imran Khan, including the appointment of military officers into civilian roles and the dissolution of provincial governments. Khan has already requested a meeting with the Chief Justice of Pakistan, though it is unclear if that request will be granted. The move by Khan is likely an attempt to put pressure on the government to address his grievances and to reverse its recent decisions.