In 4-5 weeks, HDFC-HDFC Bank will merge; experts predict a decline in the bank’s margin.


Analysts are predicting that HDFC Bank’s margins could be impacted following its proposed merger with HDFC. The proposed merger has been expected to be completed in the next four to five weeks.

HDFC, India’s largest mortgage lender, is set to merge with the largest private sector lender, HDFC Bank. This mega-merger is being seen as the largest consolidation play in the Indian banking industry in recent years.

Under the arrangement, HDFC Bank will acquire a controlling stake in HDFC. As per analysts, this move could result in a significant change in control and ownership structure of the bank.

Analysts say that the combined entity could face significant expenses associated with the merger, including costs related to integration of operations, legal and regulatory costs. They expect these costs to have a significant impact on the bank’s margins over the course of the next few quarters.

Analysts are further predicting that the bank’s profits could also be impacted as a result of the arrangements as the combined entity could face challenges in competing with other private sector banks in terms of product and service offerings.