Iran releases its most recent ballistic missile as tensions over its nuclear programme grow


Iran unveiled a new version of its ballistic missile, dubbed Nahid 1, on Saturday amid ongoing tensions over its nuclear program. The missile, which was displayed during a ceremony at the Defense Ministry in Tehran, appears to have a range of 300 kilometers, increasing the Islamic republic’s capability to deliver a missile strike to the region.

The unveiling of the missile comes as tensions continue to deteriorate between Iran and the United States over its nuclear program. Washington has imposed a series of sanctions against Tehran over its refusal to freeze its nuclear activities, and has called for a renewed international effort to curb Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

The development of the missile also highlights Iran’s willingness to maintain its military capability, despite attempts by the international community to limit its arms development. Iran claims its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes, but international suspicions over the nature of the program linger.

The unveiling of the missile is likely to raise further concerns that Iran is positioning itself to become a regional power. Iran is already highly influential in Iraq and Syria, where its forces are actively involved in the fight against ISIS, as well as in Yemen, and it is believed to be using its ballistic missiles to enhance its regional influence.