Ukrainian reservoir island village submerged due to damage to Russian-occupied dam


Residents of a small Ukrainian island community saw their homes submerged after an apparent attack damaged a nearby dam, owned and operated by Russia-backed separatists.

After a series of explosions, the Novoluhanske Dam, located in the pro-Russian separatists region of Eastern Ukraine, was damaged and water started flowing into the adjacent island community of Tashlyk. Witnesses said that some residents of Tashlyk had to flee their homes on boats to try and salvage their belongings.

The incident has caused consternation in the region and has put the safety of nearby communities at risk. It has raised questions about the security of infrastructure and dams owned and operated by Russia-backed separatists in the region. It also highlights the precarious and vulnerable position of island communities in Eastern Ukraine.

Ukraine’s President Zelensky has called for an immediate investigation into the incident and has urged that it be treated as a “terrorist act”. He also called on the separatists to assist in the clean-up operation and provide support to the affected community.

The incident has been a wake-up call for other communities living near dams, as the incident demonstrates the potential for disruption and damage that could be caused by similar malicious acts. It has also highlighted the need for increased efforts in security and maintenance of infrastructure in the region.