According to Joe Biden’s advisors, he doesn’t want to involve US and Chinese friends in a “headlong clash.”


According to multiple sources familiar with the Biden administration’s Asia strategy, President Biden’s team is determined to avoid a headlong clash with China, especially in the Asia-Pacific region. Instead, Biden’s advisors plan to strengthen existing relationships with allies in the region and encouraging them to become active in security matters.

The desire to avoid an intense confrontation is driven by the recognition that the US and China share many economic and strategic interests. Moreover, the two countries’ forces are highly integrated in the military, diplomatic, and economic spheres.

The Biden team believes that encouraging communication and building consensus among regional powers can help reduce tensions. The team will also focus on improving the US’s relationships with China’s neighbors, seeking more mutually beneficial economic agreements and strengthening military cooperation.

The Biden administration also plans to back regional multilateral bodies, such as the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue between India, Japan, Australia, and the US, to promote coordination and cooperation between those countries. It is also expected to create new fora, such as between the United States and Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), to increase economic ties.

Ultimately, the Biden administration’s goal is to promote stability and shared prosperity in the Asia-Pacific region, while limiting the risk of a destabilizing conflict between the US and China.