Africa and Europe Week in Pictures from AP

  1. Nut Rush – Vienna, Austria: A wild-eyed squirrel dashes ahead of visitors at the Belvedere Palace gardens.
  2. Evening Serenade – Amsterdam, Netherlands: A street musician plays a violin to an audience of twilight spectators on the cobbled streets of the city.
  3. Volcanic Eruption – Sicily, Italy: Mt. Etna erupts in a cascade of lava and ash during a relatively small event.
  4. Birds of Prey – Madrid, Spain: A pair of eagles take flight in the tranquil countryside of central Spain.
  5. Candlelight Procession – Istanbul, Turkey: Floats and participants make their way through the city’s streets during the annual procession of lights.
  6. Safari Sunsets – Serengeti, Tanzania: A group of tourists gather to watch the setting sun as a brindled wildebeest grazes nearby.
  7. Hiking the Alps – Salzburg, Austria: Friends traverse the jagged peaks of the Austrian Alps on a foggy autumn morning.
  8. Marrakesh Markets – Marrakesh, Morocco: Local vendors line the colorful souks selling exotic foods, cloth, and jewelry.