Belarus receiving nuclear weapons from Russia in the conflict with Ukraine


Russia has stated that it has not sent any nuclear arms to Belarus to be used in the conflict in Ukraine. This statement comes amidst reports that Russia was supplying Belarus with nuclear weapons and also deploying a large number of troops and military equipment to its western neighbor.

Russia claims that it has not supplied any nuclear arms to Belarus and is only providing military and other support to Belarus, which has been involved in a conflict with Ukraine since 2014. Russia’s decision to provide support to Belarus is in accordance with their agreement of mutual protection and assistance.

The reports of nuclear arms being sent to Belarus have not been substantiated. Belarus has denied the presence of any nuclear arms in its territory and declared that its nuclear neutrality is ensured by the international treaties it has signed.

Russia has also denied reports of its military buildup in Belarus and claims that the Russian forces are in the country for military exercises and training.

Despite the denials of Russia and Belarus, the reports of a possible buildup of nuclear arms in Belarus continues to worry Western countries, particularly those in the Ukraine region. The reports of a nuclear arms buildup in Belarus could be seen as a move by Russia to project its military and nuclear power in the region and gain further control of Ukraine.