Berlin police are looking into Roger Waters for potential incitement over concert attire


Berlin police are investigating whether former Pink Floyd singer and bassist Roger Waters may have incited hatred against Israel after appearing on stage in a garment featuring the Palestinian flag at a concert in the city last week.

Police said in a statement that, after viewing a video of the concert, they had launched an investigation into possible incitement to hatred or violence.

The statement said the investigation was being conducted by the Berlin public prosecutor and that it involved examining the circumstances surrounding Water’s wearing of a garment depicting, among other symbols, a Palestinian flag at a concert in the German capital.

Waters is an outspoken critic of Israeli policies toward the Palestinians and has been heavily criticized by Israeli officials and supporters.

In recent weeks, he has been increasingly vocal in his condemnation of the Israeli army’s response to the weekly protests at the Gaza-Israel border that have resulted in dozens of deaths and hundreds of injuries.

The investigation, which could take several weeks, is being conducted under Germany’s criminal code, which bans incitement to hatred and violence against certain protected groups, such as ethnicities, religions and nationalities.

Waters has not commented on the investigation.