Freshmen are most in demand in the employment and IT sectors, according to a report


According to a new report by job search company Symplicity, the demand for fresh graduates is highest in the recruitment and IT industries. The report, which surveyed nearly 80 companies across five industry segments, found that those two sectors led the way when it comes to hiring college graduates for their first jobs.

Recruitment companies were found to be the most active in terms of hiring new graduates, with 80 percent of them saying they are likely to hire a college graduate in the next year. This was followed closely by 63 percent of IT companies.

The report noted that the demand for new graduates is particularly high in the recruitment and technology industries because they need people with the latest skills and knowledge to keep up with technological advances. It also noted that employers in both sectors often need new talents to fill specialized roles and that this can be a motivation for hiring new graduates.

Overall, the report suggested that employers in all industries are increasingly looking to college graduates as a source of talent to staff their companies. This could be an indication that the labour market is becoming increasingly competitive and that employers need the latest talents in order to stay ahead.