German government disputes that Scholz’s remarks sparked attacks on environmental activists


The German government has denied reports that recent police raids on climate activists were connected to comments from the finance minister, Olaf Scholz.

The raids were conducted in multiple cities across the country and targeted offices of several climate activist groups, such as Ende Gelände.

Reports had suggested that the raids were linked to Scholz’s comments, in which he expressed concern over instances of civil disobedience protests.

However, in a statement, the German interior ministry said that the raids were part of a “previously planned investigation” and that they had “nothing to do” with Scholz’s words.

The ministry went on to note that the raids were intended to investigate “possible offenses that could endanger public safety”.

The raids have been criticized by some environmental groups, who believe that the government is attempting to intimidate climate activists and suppress their protests.

Scholz has yet to comment on the raids.