Guam just misses the worst of Typhoon Mawar, according to the weather tracker


Guam, an island in the western Pacific Ocean, narrowly avoided the worst of Typhoon Mawar, which impacted the region over the weekend. The island experienced tropical storm force winds and heavy rainfall, with the typhoon causing flooding and displacement in parts of the country.

Guam’s Governor Eddie Calvo “thanked the good judgment of our residents and visitors who heeded our warnings” and declared September 10th a Volcano and Fire Preparedness Day. He also encouraged Guam’s citizens to stay alert to the dangers posed by extreme weather events and take the necessary precautions to protect life and property.

The typhoon caused moderate damage to houses and infrastructure, with the largest concentration of damage occurring in the island’s northernmost location. However, the damage was not nearly as severe as initially feared.

Guam officials continue to monitor the situation and urge residents and visitors to exercise caution. Typhoon Mawar is expected to continue traveling through Micronesia in the coming days and may bring further flooding and displacement to its path. Officials are also advising that high surf and swells caused by the typhoon present a significant risk to those living near coastal areas.