In India, three cheetah babies perish in the blazing heat


The heartbreaking news of the death of three cheetah cubs due to the intense heat in India has been reported. The three cheetah cubs, two male and one female, were born in March at Sariska Tiger Reserve in the state of Rajasthan.

It is believed that the intense heat wave, which is causing temperatures to soar in the region, may have been the cause of the cubs’ death. The forest department is investigating the case further to identify the exact cause.

The cheetah is a species which was pushed to the brink of extinction due to hunting and habitat loss. The last two surviving Asiatic cheetah cubs were born at Sariska reserve in 2018 but they later died due to medical reasons.

This loss has come as a set back for conservationists who were hoping to reintroduce the species back into the wild. They have been striving to build populations of the Asiatic cheetah and expand their range, but these efforts have been met with setbacks due to multiple threats.

We extend our condolences to the bereaved families of these majestic cats.