In the Vatican financial trial, the cardinal accuses the prosecution of ‘plots against me’ and personal vendettas


Cardinal Angelo Becciu, suspended from his post as prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, has blasted what he described as “vendetta and plots against his name” in his financial trial at the Vatican.

In an interview with Italian newspaper La Repubblica, the cardinal alleged that “there are elements within the tribunal and within the Curia who oppose me” and even accused “competitors for jobs of misconduct and even of fraud”.

Becciu has been on trial for financial mismanagement and has been accused of embezzling public funds. He has repeatedly denied the allegations and has accused his opponents of working against him to further their own interests.

The cardinal argued that his prosecution was an example of “job security in disguise,” a way for detractors to get rid of someone who was preventing them from achieving their goals.

Becciu accused his detractors of “intimidation and defamation” and declared: “I will defend my honour and reputation at any cost,” adding that he was ready to take the case to the “supreme court of the Apostolic Signatura.”

The trial against Becciu has been adjourned until October, when the tribunal reconvenes in Rome. Becciu has maintained his innocence and denied any wrongdoing.