Samarth from Flipkart is essential to achieving the Atmanirbhar Bharat goal


Flipkart’s Samarth program is helping to realize India’s Atmanirbhar Bharat mission by helping to onboard and grow small businesses from all over the country. Through Samarth, Flipkart is reaching out to merchants who are facing challenges due to the impact of the pandemic. Samarth is providing these merchants access to Flipkart’s marketplace in order to expand their businesses by providing them support in terms of onboarding, training, and mentoring.

The initiative is enabling the merchants to grow their business online and reach out to a larger customer base. Flipkart is also helping the merchants develop products that have the potential to become a global success. With the help of Samarth, Flipkart has successfully onboarded over 1,00,000 small businesses and helped them reach new customers. This has enabled those businesses to save jobs and become self-reliant.