South Korean police investigate after plane door opened mid-flight


South Korean police are investigating a recent incident in which the rear door of a passenger jet opened during a domestic flight. According to reports, the plane was about to take off from Gimpo International Airport in Seoul on April 22 when the rear left door of the plane unexpectedly opened. The aircraft was able to take off without incident, but the incident has caused alarm among passengers and the airline has launched an investigation.

Police are examining whether the door malfunction was caused by a technical error or was deliberate. The plane is owned by a South Korean airline, and the police are working with the airline and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport in an effort to determine the cause of the incident. The investigation will look into the processes and checks that were conducted in preparation for the flight, and any potential security risks that may have been present.

The airline has apologized to passengers for the incident and has said that it will review its safety protocols to prevent similar issues in the future. The investigation is ongoing and reports have not yet revealed a definitive cause of the incident.